Hello God, It's me Martha:

A 31-Day Journey from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed!

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🌼 Embark on a 31-Day Transformation from Martha to Mary!

📖 Rediscover Gratitude - Let Mary's spirit guide you as you lean into our daily prompts. There's generous space for your reflections, crafting a path from hustle to heartfelt gratitude.

✅ Affirm Your Faith Daily - With a special prompt to recognize God's unwavering truth, let each day be a testament to His word, grounding you amidst life's whirlwind.

💧 Celebrate your journey - By choosing to drink water, move your body, encourage a friend, or share an image to glorify God, just like Mary, you are choosing the better part, and by tracking it, you'll feel accomplished!

🎨 Color Your Stress Away - Lose yourself in delightful doodles designed for art therapy. Allow Mary's ease to inspire your strokes, coloring away worries and doubts.

📸 Share and Glorify God - Radiate God's grace through your transformative journey! With tailor-made images, use them to inspire your circle, illuminating God's hand in your growth.

"Hello God, it's me, Martha: A 31-Day Journey from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed"

isn't merely a book; it's a soulful invitation.

🌟 Journey from the bustling energy of Martha to the serene, attentive spirit of Mary, soaking in joy along the way.

Channel your inner Mary, with a sprinkle of Martha. Embark today!

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